Ron LaMorte, ’93: “it is so inspiring…

Ron LaMorte, ’93, is a portfolio manager with keen insights about the Hopkins education he received, and about the merits of what the CFE is offering current students. He writes,

“I am a real believer in the CFE program, it is so inspiring to see all those youngsters discussing economics and contemplating financial careers.

“Every day of my 20 years on the buyside I am surprised how well my BA in Economics from JHU has served me. In my more than a decade as a market neutral equity PM, applying my JHU studies to the workings of the world around me has been a crucial differentiator from my peers.

“Today, economics feels as though it is divided by a deepening chasm, with esoteric academics on the one side, buried in equations not even their peers have time to unravel, and cocktail party economists on the other, standing on paper-thin opinions without the backing of scrutiny and analysis. If not guided by some sensible applied economic logic, the rest of us will certainly slip into the gap. Your program seems to provide students a ladder to climb out, so thank you.”