Financial Literacy Intersession Course for 2017

We are excited for the start on January 9th of the Financial Literacy Seminar! The seminar is a yearly, three-week Intersession course that the CFE helps organize. I’m Daniel Garcia, and I’ll be the instructor/organizer/host for the course.

During the first two weeks, financiers affiliated with Hopkins visit campus to speak with 30 of our top freshmen and sophomore students. In addition to sharing market and career insights with the students, the speakers — an impressively accomplished group of investors, bankers, and entrepreneurs — are eager to network with students, so this is a great opportunity for the student.

The third week of the seminar takes place in New York, where students visit various bulge-bracket firms. This year, we are excited to visit our Hopkins friends at Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs, to name a few. The exposure to finance, economics, and professional life that the seminar packs into three weeks is spectacular.

The seminar also illustrates the great commitment of the Hopkins alums and friends in the finance industry to Hopkins, to helping students get a start in the industry, and to the work of the CFE.