CFE Site Bolsters Editorial Staff (and Navy)

With all the rumblings going on in the world and their immense impact on political and financial outcomes, the CFE Guru a) could not keep up, and b) worries that floods and pestilence must be next. Thus, we’ve added two new Contributing Editors, who also provide the Guru a hedge should those floods roll into Homewood.

Our first new contributing editor is Will Wolfe, junior at Johns Hopkins studying economics with a focus on financial economics. He is currently researching the effects of the short sale regulations during the crisis. It was actually the financial crisis that brought Will to Hopkins: he fled the U. Cal. system which is crumbling under California’s financial problems. Will transferred to Hopkins from the University of California, San Diego, where he was a varsity skipper on the sailing team.

Our second new contributing editor is Casey Navin, a sophomore from New Jersey studying International Studies and Financial Economics. She is production manager for the student-run political publication JHU Politik. That publishing experience caught our eye, but what sealed the deal for this plum job was the aquatic connection we uncovered in our extensive background check: Casey does OK for herself on the varsity swim team (Bluegrass Mountain Conference Champ: 500 Free, 5:16.54, 02/17/11; 1000 Free, 10:48.89, 02/17/10; 200 Breast, 2:32.52, 02/19/11; 400 IM, 4:39.28, 02/19/10).

These two will really pep up the site and massively bolster our Continuity of Operations Plan: when those floods come, Casey swims me to the boat and Will skippers us all to high ground.